International Society of Bassists, Spring 2017


My first internship I was involved in through Colorado State University was assisting the International Society of Bassists (ISB) in administrative preparation for their upcoming 50th year convention held in June at Ithaca College, one of my alma maters. I saw this as a great opportunity as a bass player to connect with former and new colleagues as well as a learning experience to dive deep into event planning and e-marketing for a major biannual event.

Major tasks included visiting ISB’s headquarters in Dallas to pull materials from past conventions, magazines and calendars. I have lead the creation of five installments using the Constant Contact platform each highlighting a decade in ISB history (1967-1977, 1977-1987, etc.). Certain aspects of the installments I featured were: conventions, administrative and competition history, international bassists, female bassists, bass makers, bass composers, and in the final installment create a puzzle combining all the above features. In addition, I am creating an event app with the Attendify platform that provides resourceful information for attendees such as the schedule, speaker bios, social profiles and interaction, sponsor pages and ads, maps and local attractions.

While it would have been lovely to plunge into these projects head-on, research had to be compiled to truly understand the full functioning aspects of these platforms. I watched a series of Constant Contact webinars that provided insight on how to create a strong, successful e-blast to the masses in a Constant Contact Report. Topics included: Email Being the #1 Marketing Tool for a Small Business, Creating Catchy Subject Lines, Digital Trends, Increasing Open Rates, Email & Social Design and Using Reports as Evaluations. Similar research had to be discovered with updated Attendify features since the last convention in 2015, coincidentally held at Colorado State University. I assimilated an Attendify Manual containing bullets of the updated feature and what they offer for the app designer and audiences as well as a how-to-tutorial for each feature when implementing them on the app itself. New features included: Personalizing App Access and Features for Audiences, Pre-created Attendee Profiles, Leadership: A Digital Scoreboard, Customizing Colors, New Menu, Favorites, Notes & Notification Center, Archiving Content, Multi-Language Support, and Interactive Maps.

Prior to starting this internship, I knew I had to keep an open mind and things were not going to come naturally. Doing the research helped me be more creative and sophisticated with my Constant Contact monthly installments. With the right information to look for, I was able to apply those facts into practice and gain a lot of imagination for creating a captivating e-blast. What I take away from this experience is if I am going to encounter a new platform of any subject or any work, I should be prepared ahead of time and research as much as I can to be more successful with the task or project at hand. In addition, staying on a deadline is incredibly important. While there are lots of facets to cover for these particular projects I have to remember Rome was not built in a day. Similar to preparing for a solo recital, I had to create a daily plan for myself as a means of chipping away at projects and tasks so I wouldn’t stress myself out at the last minute when a deadline for completion approached. While I am still working on the Attendify app, I am reminded that if I work hard daily in completing one thing at a time, I will be that much closer to being done with the project as well as take the time to polish where necessary prior to the deadline. I am very fortunate to have taken on ISB’s internship at such an opportune time. I hope that both my educational institutions would be very proud of the work I have put into this semester in making this event one that former and current mentors, other bassists and ISB administration will not forget.