Welcome to Mr. Bastow’s Suzuki Studio!

I am the cello and bass instructor at the NWA Suzuki School of Music. look forward to working with you in broadening your child’s skills as a cellist/bassist. Below are the concepts to be aware of about the Suzuki Method and my studio policy:

·       The Suzuki Method can be classified into a few fundamental factors:

o   Parent serving as home teacher

o   Early child age

o   Listening and singing to the CD

o   Repetition

o   Support

o   Learning with other students

o   Sequential Suzuki musical literature

o   Postponed note-reading

o   For more information, visit http://suzukiassociation.org/teachers/twinkler/.

·       The three points on the Suzuki Triangle are the child, parent, and teacher. These three individuals will converse regularly to cultivate the development of the child.  Unlike conventional approaches, the Suzuki Approach considers the parent is an essential figure of the learning procedure.  This grouping of connections assists to offer a nourishing learning setting for the child. For parents of younger children, your primary responsibility is to serve as the home teacher 6 out of the 7 days of the week.  

·       You will manage practice daily with your child, supported by the weekly lessons with me. In some cases, you may have a short lesson with me as well. There will be times when it will seem challenging, particularly with families operating on busy schedules, ultimately, the time spent is valuable for your child’s development and self-confidence.

·       Each student will receive lessons in three formats:

o   Daily home lessons with a parent, where the parent functions as home teacher

o   Weekly private instruction with me, where both parent and student are present as the learners

o   Group lessons with your child’s Suzuki student peers

  • It is highly encouraged that students practice and listen to their recordings with their parents on the days that end with ‘y’. Parents, please work on the materials presented by the instructor with your child for continual progress and improvement.

  • Tuition is based on the policies of the NWA Suzuki School of Music. Please refer to their rates.

  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. When a cancellation occurs more than 24 hours before a lesson, the student and parent have the option to schedule a different date/time for the lesson in the instructor’s studio in Northwest Arkansas or receive credit back for the cancellation. If the cancellation occurs within or after 24 hours of a scheduled lesson, an alternate lesson will not be scheduled and a refund for the cancellation will not be considered.

    • If your child is ill, I would prefer for preserving all party’s health that they get well and stay home.

    • In the event when I am sick or miss a lesson, I will be in touch with the students and families to reschedule a time for the lesson or credit tuition toward the next month.

    • In the event of bad weather, I will keep in touch with you regarding the continuing or cancellation of a lesson.

  • Consistency and punctuality for all lessons are required.

  • Students and parents should bring all required materials to lessons. Such materials include student technique books, solo literature, etudes, excerpts and scale/rhythm documents.

  • It is strongly encouraged to invest in a tuner and metronome. These devices will greatly improve intonation and rhythmic vitality. Both of these items are available as iPhone applications or in a general music store. There are two-in-one tuner/metronomes available that may allow you to save on cost.

  • Lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. At the beginning of each month, the instructor will ask for the family’s availability. The instructor has limited availability due to performance/non-performance obligation so please be prompt!

I, _____________________ (Print Student & Parent Name) have read about the Suzuki Method concepts and studio policy to be a part of Mr. Bastow’s Suzuki Studio and are in compliance with it. 



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