Arts Administrative Internships


ISB Testimonials

As a small nonprofit without a dedicated staff, the International Society of Bassists always struggles to have enough resources to accomplish our goals, especially on convention years. Jarrett has been enthusiastic and motivated, allowing us to tackle extra projects from our wishlist. His monthly historical eblasts are creative and engaging, and have been very well received by members and the bass community. Jarrett has continually improved each installment, taking in to account staff and member feedback, and has been proactive about coming up with his own new ideas and improvements. We have been lucky to have Jarrett as part of the team!

-Allegra Hale, Account Executive at Madeline Crouch Associates

I own an association management company based in Dallas, Texas. We provide headquarters services to almost 30 non-profit associations, both 501(C)(3) and 501(C)(6) organizations. Our clients are local, state, national and international in scope.

Jarrett Bastow is serving as an intern over the spring semester 2017 for the International Society of Bassists, an organization with members in some 40 countries. The ISB has been a client of ours since 1991. In 2017 the ISB is celebrating its 50th anniversary year, and much of our messaging and focus has been emphasizing this milestone.

As an intern for the ISB, a large part of Jarrett’s work so far has been spent researching the organization’s archives and helping us share the ISB’s rich past with its members, many of whom are too young to know about our origins and the great musicians who helped get us get a foothold in the worldwide double bass community during our formative years.

Jarrett has launched a very successful “Blast from the Past” series of member communications, each one focusing on a decade of the ISB’s history. Jarrett has created a timeline of key events for the Society for each decade, and uploaded scanned images of publications and photos that many of our members have never seen from pre-Internet days. He has been creative in theming each “Blast from the Past” and making sure that we are appealing to our diverse and eclectic membership. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the “Blast from the Past” messages are engaging members in a big way.

We’re very pleased with Jarrett’s work on behalf of the ISB to date. He has been a valuable additional resource on our administrative staff.

-Madeline Crouch, Owner at Madeline Crouch Associates


AAT Testimonials

In Arts Alliance Tulsa’s second full year of operation, our small, four-person team does not always have the extra time for extensive and valuable research.  Jarrett’s support in putting together comprehensive research reports for various new initiatives has been extremely valuable in both the development and launching stages of these projects.  His speed and degree of thoroughness was impressive and evident within the first week – a project that we estimated would take a week was completed in less than two days!  Having Jarrett in the office was a wonderful help to each of department of our group.

-Anna Inhoff, Development Associate at Arts Alliance Tulsa

Since August of this year, Jarrett Bastow has served as a intern for Arts Alliance Tulsa (AAT) while he has been completing his MALCM with Colorado State University. During this time, Jarrett has juggled a number of performing and administrative jobs in addition to his AAT internship and MALCM coursework, which is a testament to his time-management skills and work ethic.

Jarrett is reliable and contentious, and can be counted on to complete projects well within the available time. He would rather take the initiative to move into the next project than be idle, and this has been very much appreciated in an office with a small staff.

Jarrett’s contributions to AAT’s success have been significant, particularly in the areas of research. During his time at AAT he has researched grant opportunities, created fundraising spreadsheets using data from local and national foundations, and investigated innovative United Arts Fund projects nationally. His work is thorough & efficient and we will certainly miss our researcher-in-chief when his internship comes to a close.

-Suzie Bogle, Development Director at Arts Alliance Tulsa