Where Can I Find an Instrument?

Palmer Violin Shop


(479) 621-0777

1114 W. Poplar Pl., Rogers, AR 72756

Tulsa Strings Violin Shop


(918) 794-8440

4631 E. 31st St., Tulsa, OK 74135

Imagine going to a shop where the business professional is not trained in the field and that’s where you get the cheapest possible cello only because that’s what your budget could afford. Imagine doing the same thing for a new brake for your car from a non-trained car technician. The consequences are not worth paying for later.

As a former employee at Tulsa Strings, I only put my confidence in luthiers who come from a school of violin making/repair and are trained in what they do and the knowledge they possess on violin/gamba family instruments. Ray, Jacob and Cat are very dedicated in their work and offer great instruments for sale and rental. Call them today to get sized and set up for your instrument! The quality is truly worth it when your child is learning their instrument and enhancing their abilities on a correctly set up instrument.